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In the face of the global challenge presented by the spread of COVID-19 virus we remain optimistic and committed to ensuring the supply of our products. We continue to provide for your business needs. Our thoughts are with all the people affected by this virus!

At BIEGLO GmbH and ASP-Plastics GmbH, we are following the developments closely and taking all recommended preventative and protective measures to ensure the health and safety of our employees and customers. We are also working closely with our suppliers to ensure ongoing deliveries and production. We understand the importance of the goods we supply to your operations.

As a distribution company for High Performance Polymers we keep stock in Germany of CoPEEK granules and powders in different viscosities and in large volumes. Most rods, tubes, sheet and film products are on stock in Germany too. For those products that are made to order as MELDIN 7000-Series Polyimide-shapes, AURUM TPI Granules, special rods and tubes from modified PEEK, Royalite sheets, Korad films and for laser-protection sheets we have not had any serious supply problems.

Due to the uncertain nature of the situation and factors beyond our control such as goods transport restrictions there may be some delays in deliveries. We are committed to keeping you informed throughout the process and thank you for your support and understanding.

We continue to work for you from the office or from home and wish you, your employees, families and business health and success in these challenging times.

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John Biesterfeld

CEO BIEGLO GmbH & ASP-Plastics GmbH



Polyamideimide (PAI), widely known as the brand Torlon® comes in different grades and different shapes. PAI is known to be the highest performing meltable thermoplastic in terms of temperature resistance, chemical resistance and mechanical strength. Its mechanical strength at 205°C outperforms many engineering plastics at room temperature. The unique performance of polyamideimide (PAI) is the result of being transformed from a thermoplastic to a cross-linked thermoset during an extended curing process. Our PAI is processed by experienced engineers and offers the excellent mechanical properties and high purity.
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PAI Plates

PAI can be used for: gears, rollers, plasma chamber hardware, wafer contact fixtures; high-temperature thermal/electrical insulators, burn-in/test sockets, valve seats, fasteners and activation balls; mechanical linkages, labyrinth seals, impellors, valve plates, vanes, back-up seal rings.


Our PAI semi-finished products are extruded and cured/heat-treated. We offer custom made sizes, and stock shapes. Our stock shapes are rods and plates. However, tubes and special shapes are available upon request.

PAI Plates


We offer PAI Semi finished products made of Dexnyl© PAI GF30,  a high modulus polyamideimide containing 30% glass fibers, well suited for electrical insulators and thermal isolators. Dexnyl© PAI GF30 is ideal for: High temperature thermal/electrical insulators / Test sockets for IC’s / Fasteners / Activation balls and valve seats. Each type is best suitable for a specific application. Please contact us for more information.


While PAI-shop.de is still under construction, you can check out PEEK-shop.de. PEEK-shop.de offers PEEK Rods and Tubes online deliverable in small amounts.



Physical PropertiesMetric        EnglishMethods
Specific Gravity1.60 g/cc.058 lb/in³ASTM D792
Water Absorption0.3%0.3%Immersion, 24hr; ASTM D570(2)
Water Absorption at Saturation1.5%1.5%Immersion; ASTM D570(2)
Mechanical Properties*   
Hardness, Rockwell M M125ASTM D785
Hardness, Rockwell E90ASTM D785
Hardness, Shore D 90ASTM D2240
Tensile Strength, Ultimate159 MPa23,000 psiASTM D638
Elongation at Break4%4%ASTM D638
Tensile Modulus6900 MPa1,000,000 psiASTM D638
Flexural Modulus6760 MPa980,000 psiASTM D790
Flexural Yield Strength207 MPa30,000 psiASTM D790
Compressive Strength276 MPa40,000 psi10% Def.; ASTM D695
Compressive Modulus4828 MPa700,000 psiASTM D695
Izod Impact (notched)52 J/M1.0ASTM D256 Type A
Thermal Properties   
Melt Point/Tg275 ℃527℉ASTM D3418
Heat Deflection Temp (264 psi)278℃532℉ASTM TMA
Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion1.6 x 10-5 C-10.9 x 10-5 F-1E831 TMA


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While PAI-shop.de is still under construction, you can check out PEEK-shop.de.

PEEK-shop.de offers PEEK Rods and Tubes online deliverable in small amounts.